The Benefits of Purchasing Locally Grown Products

Many people do not ever consider going to a local market or the local section of their neighborhood Whole Foods Market; however, there are countless benefits from eating locally grown foods.  Locally grown foods support the community economy, the environment, and are healthier for you. Supporting your community and it’s economy is easy when you buy from local vendors.  By buying products from local farmers, your money remains in the community and supports the wages […]

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The Ramifications of Mismanaged Trash in the Global Neighborhood

In the last two decades, India has seen a huge increase in trash levels. According to the India Times, Delhi for example has seen a rise of 2,075% in tons of garbage produced in a day between 2000 and 2015. [1] The lack of infrastructure to properly dispose of trash, specifically in rural areas can lead to serious consequences for those communities. According to the EPA, mismanaged trash can have a variety of effects including, […]

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The Power of Preventative Nutrition!

Preventative nutrition and health care is the best way to save yourself from getting sick or developing a major illness.  What we put into our bodies is the biggest factor in how our body works.  The lack of nutrients can lead to disease and some of the most common diseases across the globe are diabetes and cancers, which can occasionally come from an unhealthy diet and health care. Obesity and diabetes are diseases that are mainly caused by diet and exercise.  Diabetes […]

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A Message to Fellow Graduates!

As my time at Profugo comes to an end, I can’t help but think about my future and where I’ll be headed afterwards. As a senior, I am familiar with the feeling of dread that settles in my stomach when someone asks me “What will you be doing after graduation?” My friends and I have had discussions about our futures, and the conversations always come with weird mix of dread and excitement. Although we can’t […]

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Organic Kitchen Garden Impact Stories: SONA

Sona will be the first to tell you that her home is a work-in-progress. The floor is currently made of tightly-packed mud, dried and swept clean; strips of palm tree trunk covered with red wavy clay tiles make up the roof, and thick bamboo poles wrapped with green mesh and sheets of plastic provide fundamental supports and create makeshift walls on the interior. It may be a humble structure, but it is still plenty to […]

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