A Message to Fellow Graduates!

As my time at Profugo comes to an end, I can’t help but think about my future and where I’ll be headed afterwards. As a senior, I am familiar with the feeling of dread that settles in my stomach when someone asks me “What will you be doing after graduation?” My friends and I have had discussions about our futures, and the conversations always come with weird mix of dread and excitement. Although we can’t […]

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Organic Kitchen Garden Impact Stories: SONA

Sona will be the first to tell you that her home is a work-in-progress. The floor is currently made of tightly-packed mud, dried and swept clean; strips of palm tree trunk covered with red wavy clay tiles make up the roof, and thick bamboo poles wrapped with green mesh and sheets of plastic provide fundamental supports and create makeshift walls on the interior. It may be a humble structure, but it is still plenty to […]

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Diary of a Field Fellow: Ups and downs in the first few months of a fellowship abroad

It’s February 18, and so with that I have officially been in Wayanad for four months, or nearly half of my total fellowship. If I could go back to the day before I left for India and tell myself one thing, I’d probably choose to quote, of all things, MTV — specifically, that early 2000s classic “Diary”. “Diary” was a show where a featured celebrity would talk about the supposed truth of their day-to-day lives, […]

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Meet our Team – Dr. Peter, Profugo’s COD Director

Meet Dr. Peter, a subject matter expert and Director of Profugo’s Center of Development (COD). He’s the glue that keeps it all together and the backbone of the Global Neighborhood. Dr. Peter offers us an insight into his world, over 8,000 miles away, in Wayanad, India. Read more to find out how Dr. Peter does it all! RAIGAN WHEELER (RW): Where is the place you call home? PETER (DR. P): Where I am, that’s my […]

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From a Double Minority to a Double Threat: An ode to women of color on the global stage in honor of Women’s History Month

World-savviness, cosmopolitan qualities, and a well-traveled resume are the essentials to carry along in your briefcase on your journey to a career in global affairs.  As women of color, we’re already equipped with a high level of finesse, confidence, and magic, so the world is ours to conquer…better yet, to change! It’s time we change the label of “double minority” to “double threat”; being a woman X being Black, Latino, Asian, Arab, etc. It’s imperative […]

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