Wayanad is one of the northern districts nestled in the forested regions of the state of Kerala in South India. Though rich in natural resources and known for its agricultural production, many people remain marginalized and have not successfully integrated into the economic activity in this region. Traditionally, the district has attracted plantation and estate owners to grow crops such as tea, coffee, and spices. Now there are also corporately owned plantations in this area. Many in the local population sustains themselves by producing small agricultural crops, though barely yielding above subsistence levels. Others make their living by doing odd jobs as daily laborers on plantations and government projects. Few have a dependable source of income and little security for tomorrow.

In addition to large scale agricultural farms, there’s been a recent boom in the tourism industry in Wayanad. The state of Kerala is renowned worldwide for its richness in natural beauty. However, the tourism industry is driven by corporations and rarely offers economic growth for the actual community members in the region. Instead of producing economic growth, both the agricultural and tourism industries have disrupted the lives of the locals and impeded their ability to support their own families in a sustainable way.

Profugo recognizes the disparity and opportunity that exists in Wayanad and established a Center of Development in 2010. The program is built around 200+ families who have joined together with Profugo with a vision to build a healthy and economically viable community. The COD is currently working to implement Profugo’s three-pronged approach to sustainable development. We hope to create opportunities for our Wayanad neighbors to improve their quality of life. Currently, we are in various phases of planning & implementation of the following projects:

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