The Interrelatedness of Agriculture, Environment, and Human Health


So far, we have highlighted the importance of agriculture to both the economic life of a nation as well as to its culture.  In today’s blog we will be exploring the relationship between agriculture and environmental and human health.  Agricultural practices like intensive farming and the cultivation of mono-crops expose the environment to harmful chemicals which results in a depletion of natural resources and soil health as well as poses a threat to local wildlife […]

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Agriculture: Much More than a Business Opportunity


In my previous entry we learned about the global economic contribution of agriculture.  Despite the significance of its contribution to the wealth of nations, agriculture-and the preservation of the trade-has much more to offer, especially to Indian society.  In many articles I’ve found online, both scholarly and less formal, agriculture has often been referred to as a way of life in India.  Authors Singh and Chetri emphasize that agriculture is much more than a business-it […]

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The Multidimensionality of Agriculture: Agriculture and the Economy


To nations dominated by information and technology, agriculture might seem like a sign of moving backward.  But for many countries around the world, like India, agriculture remains a crucial part of its identity.  Spread out over a series of entries I will highlight the multidimensionality of agriculture, beginning with its impact on economics. Contrary to popular belief, agriculture has the potential to be innovative.  Sustainable agriculture-a topic we will revisit in my final entry of […]

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A Shared Struggle for Equality

Dalit1 Sami blog 2 source

What can the Black Lives Matter movement contribute to the field of international development? In order to advocate on behalf of India’s most marginalized citizens, Delhi-based All India Dalit Women’s Rights Forum has teamed up with Black Lives Matter activists. Through a shared history of oppression and inequality, low-caste women in India and communities of color in the United States are learning from one another. Caste discrimination in India, like racial discrimination in the United […]

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Empowering Women to Take Control of Health and Well-being


Health is defined by the WHO as, “a complete state of physical, social, mental and emotional well-being.” Being healthy is many aspects in one. But many think of one aspect over the other. For many women around the world, health, especially their overall well-being is overlooked, and even more so among women in rural areas in developing countries. Women are especially marginalized in societies where there is little that can be offered to them, with […]

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