The village of Prashanthagiri is rich in natural resources. Due to lack of infrastructure, these resources are not being properly utilized. Profugo and the village of Prashanthagiri believe that with some initial investment, we can more effectively utilize the natural resources that are available.


Profugo has worked with the community to effectively utilize natural resources in a variety of ways. Profugo is harnessing alternative energy to charge home appliances, composting to improve the richness of the soil, and developing rain water harvesting system that allows farmers to water their crops without using up clean drinking water.


Families will save money on charging home appliances, farmers will produce greater yields for their crops, roof/home repair will improve the living conditions for many families, and income generating projects will allow individuals to provide for their families.


The goal of our Natural Resource Management Program is to more effectively utilize the natural resources so that our projects are cost effective and environmentally friendly. Our hope is that by managing these resources, the community will be able to produce savings, generate income, and improve living conditions in the short term, while also working towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

aneesh-natresA Word from the Field…

“Natural resource management is important for many reasons. The Western Ghats of Wayanad is an ecologically sensitive area. The majority of people in the area are farmers working hard to make a living but they are not aware of the impacts they have on the land and how they can preserve it. Many of the famers use chemical pesticides and fertilizers because there are few people to guide and support them in how to farm organically and manage the natural resources present to them. Rainwater harvesting, for example, is a practice that can restore the earth by capturing water that would have drained into the Arabian Sea. This and other innovative methods can be used to improve productivity from the farm.” – Aneesh, Profugo COD Program Manager