The Name

The name Profugo means refugee in Italian. To us, the word Profugo simply means ‘the feeling of being displaced’ or ‘not belonging’. The word inspired us to start an organization that focused on connecting communities trapped in a cycle of poverty with a place of safety and refuge.

The Model

Profugo aims to create access to tools that enable individuals to build a better quality of life. We take a unique approach to accomplish our mission through what we call our Center of Development (COD). The COD is a three pronged approach to community development that encompasses Health & Wellness, Human Development, and Social Capital. The COD is the structure through which Profugo works alongside the community to create social change that is focused on economic empowerment and improved health. We believe our approach is a catalyst for generating positive community development that is cost effective, sustainable, and long lasting.

The Bridge

Our international volunteers are the bridge to connect communities around the world through shared experiences, skills, and resources. Profugo seeks to create a platform for collaboration between like-minded people looking to actively participate in shaping the future of their global neighbors. With volunteer support, the Center of Development benefits local populations by:

  • Bringing worldwide expertise in health, business and education
  • Generating employment opportunities
  • Ensuring mental and physical health
  • Providing the funds needed to grow local businesses
  • Providing required business training and skills