Being a Profugo Field Fellow is about forming human connections that will forever alter the course of your life, open your eyes and leave you with a lifetime of memories.     

Emily Davies, 2012-2014 Field Fellow

When I tell others about the impact I had on the community, I say that I played a part in promoting Profugo’s vision of a global neighborhood. But more specifically, I tell people about the unique opportunity I had to connect with individuals, both those in the local community in Wayanad and other members of the Profugo global community.

 -Victoria Peltonen, 2012 Field Fellow

My time working in Prasanthagiri as a Profugo Field Fellow has taught me that as members of a global neighborhood, we all have agency in ensuring that others live with the dignity they so deserve, regardless of the physical distance that may lie between us.

-Rachel Glogowski, 2014 Field Fellow

As Profugo looks to join hands with communities in under-developed and developing countries, we could not accomplish our objectives without a team of passionate volunteers.  We are currently working in Wayanad, India, and are excited to have field fellows on the ground to manage and support Profugo’s development projects.  We are in various phases of planning & implementation of the following projects:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture
  2. Natural Resource Management
  3. Social Enterprise Incubation
  4. Child & Youth Development
  5. Health & Wellness

Our field team includes field fellows from the US who are completing service terms working at our center of development.  We are excited as we look forward to a time of learning, growing, and collaboration! Please view the profiles of our current and past fellows and consider supporting Profugo’s development projects:

A global neighborhood for a better quality of life is conceivable due to donors like you.  Thank you!