My nameprofile pic

Anu Thomas

Where I consider home

The beautiful, historic city of Philadelphia

My current occupation

A graduate student intending to pursue law school

My interests

Languages, cultures, and politics, particularly of the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

What I would do if I had the day off

Take a run with my puppy, cook some exotic dish without looking up a recipe, hit the gym for some weight training and watch a Dileep film with the family.

My favorite ‘bad’ food

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Why I am in/going to Wayanad, India

To work as a project manager for the English Language School and to work with the Profugo team to conduct further community outreach.

How I hope to grow during my time in India

I want to become truly comfortable in my role as an educator within the community and to learn how to engage the people at large in order to create meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

What were/are my fears surrounding my upcoming trip to India

I have a fear of the inability to fit into the community and an internal identity struggle.

The three things that I must bring to India are

My sunscreen, my sneakers, and my DSLR.

If I could have an Indian name, it would be:

My name Anu, which is Indian, means “one of a kind”.

My message to potential donors

You are supporting a mission which seeks true change.  Such spirit is being devoted to the organization and its projects and as a donor you are contributing to that collective energy, which is the most important driving force behind the organization.