Profugo was officially incorporated in 2008, but the seeds that would germinate into the organization were planted much earlier. Ashwin spent his childhood in rural India and Zimbabwe.  His father was a rural health practitioner and Ashwin became aware at a young age of the disparities that exist in this world.  He studied engineering and became a successful businessman and entrepreneur living in the US.

Jenny grew up in Sweden and was heavily influenced by their egalitarian and social value system.  Her experiences of being an immigrant in the US and travelling to communities in China, India, and Afghanistan, further shaped her worldview.

Ashwin and Jenny Koleth, along with several friends in corporate professions, wanted to find a way to utilize their skills and resources to address challenges facing developing communities.  With a belief that every person can make a positive impact, they dreamed of a platform by which individuals could participate in the improvement of each other’s lives, across the globe.  Thus, Profugo was born!