There is a basic but essential need that faces 1 in 7 people on the planet; access to clean water. The community of Prashanthagiri is no different. Many community members have to travel great distances to collect the water. Once collected, villagers have to spend unnecessary amount of time and money purifying the water or risk the chance of getting a water related illness.


Profugo has worked with the community to implement 3 wells that will provide access to clean water. The Village has formed water committees that raise concerns and contribute monthly allowances towards the maintenance of the wells.


20 families now have access to clean drinking water. Water committees have empowered the villages to take ownership of the wells. The amount of time and resources spent on water collection and purification has been reduced from 2 hours a day to 20 minutes and water related illnesses have been reduced.


Our Water For Life Program is one of our largest projects and always will be because of our belief that everyone should have access to clean drinking water. We want to support an infrastructure where villagers get water pumped directly to their homes, have enough water for agriculture and farming, water is guaranteed to be 100% clean, and water related illnesses decrease to zero.

Valsala-WaterA Word from the Field…

“Our favorite memory is when the work first began on the construction of the wells. The whole community came together to work for the common good. We worked together carrying stones. The work was difficult but we did not find it to be a burden because everyone was together telling jokes and laughing to make the work easier. It was a day of togetherness.” – Valsala, Prashanthagiri community member