When seen from the outside, I was there to “help” the community but it turned out that in reality, the community ended up helping me.  They literally opened up my eyes, and my heart.  And this loud, hectic and unapologetic place, slowly and without giving notice, became home.

-Emily Davies, 2012-2014 Field Fellow

Field Fellow

Our Field Fellowship opportunity is a highly competitive program offered to recent graduates or Masters Students. Our program offers credit to master’s students who must complete their field practicum in order to graduate. Field Fellows coordinate a specific project or program at our Center of Development in India and get great hands-on experience by supporting local staff on various projects and programs. Our Fellowship program is 1 year in duration but longer or shorter terms of service may be considered depending on the circumstances. Field Fellows will be provided room, board, and a modest stipend.  APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAY 31, 2021!

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Rather than giving out “handouts,” monetary or otherwise, we have sought to empower our local staff, our trained Tailoring Center women, and the community at large by giving them the tools they need to help themselves. And isn’t this – the ability to help one’s own family and community – the best gift of all?

-Rachel Glogowski, 2014 Field Fellow

For me, much of what I felt when I first made that trip was fear. But it wasn’t a negative fear. It was a fear that came from knowing all at once that this experience would change my life but knowing nothing about how that change would happen or how I would come out on the other side. It was the good kind of fear that rests in the bottom of your stomach because you know you’re about to do something important.

-Victoria Peltonen, 2012 Field Fellow