My name: Malini Sasidharan

Where I consider home: Chalakudy, a small town in Kerala, India, where I have lived most of my life till now, where my family lives.

My current occupation: I completed post-graduation in Public Space Design from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, India. And now a proud and excited profugo field fellow!

My interests: Music, arts, words, learning about people and nature, designing for wellbeing.

What I would do if I had the day off: Sketch or scribble in my journal, cook, go out with friends for long walks anywhere (from cities to forests), practice music, watch a movie with popcorn, read something, plant new plants, try a new workout. I might do all these in a day if I feel like I have got the day!

My favorite ‘bad’ food: I choose to believe that there is no bad food. Food is good.

Why I am going to Wayanad, India: To work with the community, learn from them and contribute my best back to the community with my humble knowledge and their participation. Also, to live and explore one of the most beautiful places in the state.

How I hope to grow during my fellowship: I hope to grow holistically. I hope this fellowship will equip me with tools for community development. I hope it will help to sharpen my skills of critical thinking and management. I hope it will help me become a better human being- kinder and more empathetic.

How I hope to contribute to Profugo’s work: I hope to contribute my best to Profugo and the community. I shall work to make use of the expertise that I come from through suggesting spatial designs and infrastructure developments. But more than just the expertise, I hope to contribute in bringing elements of sustainability and wellbeing for the development of community, to make their lives better.

Three things that I must bring to my new surroundings: Journal to take notes and sketch, a headgear and a fresh mind to bag all the beautiful experiences.

My message to Profugo supporters (both current and potential): This country needs organizations like Profugo for the development of communities here. Wayanad, being a very important location ecologically, demographically and tourism-wise, will have tremendous benefits from Profugo where different aspects of development are considered. I sincerely wish more people support this organization that empower communities from grass root level and thank you to the current supporters.