My name

Rebecca Mukiibiimage1c

Where I consider home

Southern California, but moved frequently as a “military brat” and therefore have called many other places home.

My current occupation

Recent Returned Peace Corps Volunteer in Akka, Morocco. I am currently a William J. Clinton Fellow with the American India Foundation working with Profugo.

My interests

African dance, exploring new places, and diverse cultural experiences

What I would do if I had the day off

I would start with a nice hot cup of tea. Take a walk to my favorite spot, watch the clouds, sketch a little, read a little, and listen to my favorite song on repeat. Then, I would walk off somewhere new and try something different. Come home, and reflect on my day.

My favorite ‘bad’ food

Cheesecake – all day, every day!

Why I am going to Wayanad, India

I am going to Wayanad through the American India Foundation to work with Profugo as a community and youth development fellow. For the next ten months I hope to learn a great deal from my experiences but also look forward to serving my community well. My service work will consist of implementing a variety of outreach programs and projects with the aim of building capacity in our village and surrounding towns.

How I hope to grow during my time in India

I hope to grow professionally and personally during my time in India. I would love to establish strong relationships with the people in my community because I anticipate they will be key aspects in all my experiences. I also hope to adapt fast to the diverse array of indian traditions and cultures, be open minded, and develop life long memories.

My fears surrounding my service in India

My inability to speak the local language.

The three things that I must bring to India are

English-Malayalam dictionary, IPod, and lots of Dental-Floss

If I could have an Indian name, it would be

Have yet to find one, but excited to finding one that suits my personality.

My message to Profugo supporters

Thank you so much for standing with Profugo in creating “a global neighborhood for a better quality of life.” Your contributions and donations enable us to continue expanding affective programs to needing communities throughout Wayanad. Together we are providing communities in India the opportunities to thrive, develop skills, and build capacities. Your generosity is empowering. Thank you.