There are many different dialects in Wayanad and across India. The most common language? English. However, the majority of community members cannot speak English or do not even have the tools and resources to learn English.


Profugo has developed an English Language Program run by Field Fellows and the local school. The program is held after school and on the weekends for children and incorporated into all of our other projects for the adults.


Over 40 children and adults are learning spoken English. Women in our tailoring training program are learning the essentials to sell merchandise to tourists and communicate with vendors. Children are being equipped with the ability to perform better on standardized tests and open doors that they thought were not possible prior to learning English.


Our vision is simple: to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn English.

Likhita-EnglishA Word from the Field…

We very much enjoyed “Spoken English Olympics.” The classes were combined and we played many games and at the end we all received prizes. We also enjoyed the exam at the end of the Olympics to test our knowledge. Before Spoken English class we would stay home and the two of us would play games. We did not go out and interact with other children. Now, we are making new friends and learning English!” -Likhita and Navaneeth, Prashantagiri community members