There is an overwhelming need for accessible and affordable healthcare services in Prashanthagiri. Medical facilities are often short-staffed and inadequately equipped. The time it takes to visit the nearest hospital 90-minutes away generally results in the loss of a day’s wages.


We are holding health education forums several times throughout the year. These forums focus on preventative health measures and home remedies, with topics for forums identified by community members. We are also working to provide access to necessary health tools and resources so community members can use what they’ve learned at health education forums in their daily lives.


As a result of our health education forums and access to health tools and resources, we anticipate fewer preventable diseases in the community and fewer trips to the hospital. Because they’ll be spending less on medical care, families will have more disposable income that they can invest in other areas, such as education and entrepreneurship.


Our ultimate vision is to one day offer a local medical facility that delivers affordable and accessible primary care by skilled medical professionals. We also envision training local women to serve as health educators in order to maintain a sustainable health program as long as the need continues to exist in the community.

sajila-healthA Word from the Field…

“My husband has benefitted the most from the Health Forums, which in turn has benefitted my children and me. My husband was drinking a lot, everyday. Thanks to the project he has stopped drinking and comes home early and spends time with us. My daughter is also more active now and brushing her teeth twice a day. Even when she is very sleepy in the morning, she is still brushing her teeth.” – Sajila, Prashanthagiri community member