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Functional Farming: Integrated Agricultural Systems

Integrated Agricultural Systems are a sustainable practice that has economic, environmental, and social benefits. This farming technique is a “whole system” approach that utilizes existing biological relationships (Agriculture Sustainability Institute). It builds upon the concept of agroecology, which is the application of ecological principles to agricultural systems and practices.” (Oxford Dictionary) The goal of integrated agricultural systems is to minimize the amount of impact the agricultural process has on the environment while maximizing production yield. […]

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Joys and Growth: Reflections from the First Five Months in the Field

On a Saturday afternoon in January, I found myself on the balcony of the Prasanthi Cottage, my current home.  I took in my surroundings – the lush hills, the distant moos of cows, the airy dance of floating clouds.  I sat, alone, with a wide smile on my face. This scene may seem like a cliched description of someone who claims to be “at peace,” or maybe that of someone who is a bit eccentric.  […]

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The Wonderful World of Zero-Waste

In April, I left my Program Development Internship at Profugo to embark on a wild, wonderful, and transformative summer journey: working in Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve. Denali is a rugged land, and without a doubt the truest wild I’ve ever experienced. The park consists of six million acres of rolling tundra, craggly peaks, and nameless rivers. It is home to moose, caribou, foxes, lynx, arctic ground squirrels, grizzly bears, and dall sheep. Denali […]

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Transforming Communities Through Women’s Education

If everyone woman had the opportunity to obtain an education, the world would be a very different place. Educated women have more opportunity, and more  opportunity gives women more power.  Around the world, millions of women still do not have access to education. Out of the world’s illiterate population of 796 million, women make up two thirds. The problem lies mostly with developing countries. Social norms and cultural beliefs hold women back from moving forward […]

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The Dual Season – Understanding Monsoons

The monsoon season is a dynamic phenomenon that impacts life in many areas of the world. A monsoon is a seasonal change in wind patterns, resulting in extreme wet and dry seasons throughout the course of the year. Though they do exist in parts of North America, they are most commonly associated with nations along the Indian Ocean. It is no surprise then that those in Wayanad, near the Southwestern coast of India, are greatly […]

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