Gender Equality Outside America is Everyone’s Issue

The kind of reactions I get when I tell someone I am a feminist vary from an awkward interaction directly after the word flows from my mouth to a feeling of unity and pride from the other party in the conversation. At risk of this sounding like an “open letter” odyssey online blog, I’ll go on to say that this is not me trying to convince anyone to be a feminist or change their mind […]

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Cultivating Development through Sports

Growing up, I can’t recall one time in which I was ever told there was something I couldn’t do or achieve.  As one of six children, with three sisters and two brothers, my immediate family has always been female heavy. My larger family seems to follow the same pattern, with strong, accomplished women far outnumbering men. Having grown up in such a matriarchal family, it was hard for me to imagine an environment in which […]

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Look for the helpers: The changing look of volunteerism and the drive to help others

In response to bad things happening in the world, everyone’s favorite neighbor, Mister Rogers, used to say “Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping.”  It seems that now, more than ever, these words are a good piece of advice.  In this entry, I’d like to highlight the helpers of the world-helpers like Profugo-and the evolving ways in which everyone can provide service to others. Helping others, scientifically known as pro-social […]

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Why Exactly is Food Important?

The intricacy of brush strokes on a canvas or the gentle sculpting of clay mirrors the art of a chifa chef skillfully preparing a dish. Consisting of a mixture of Chinese cooking styles and ingredients with Peruvian criollo cuisine, chifa is an encapsulation of the history of Chinese immigration in Peru and a symbol of the translation of Chinese culture in Peru. As art, food, in general, represents the sum of a larger history and […]

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Cultivating the Future

Last spring semester I conducted research on development aid in Uganda, and I went in as a complete skeptic. I read articles and books written by world-renowned economists and political scientists and from there I formed my own opinions.  I decided that the amount of money given to developing countries was not producing any noticeable changes or benefits. These opinions were formed based on my understanding as an outsider viewing what was happening in developing […]

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