The Dance of Diversity and Fusion

Pink, blue, green, gold, and many other colors flashed in front of my eyes as I sat and watched Bryn Mawr College’s South Asian Women culture show this past weekend. There was so much diversity, from the fashion show to the performances, everyone had their own take on what it meant to Pilipino, Pakistani, Nepali, or Indian. It was fascinating to watch my fellow students and friends tap into another part of their identity and […]

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The first Malayalam word I learned when I arrived here in Kerala was namaskaram. It is a word used to greet others but has much more depth and meaning compared to an ordinary hello as would be said in the English language. The word has its roots in Sanskrit and means the divine soul in me respects the divine soul in you. What a beautiful way to encounter one another. What an even more beautiful […]

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Stocking Up in Calicut

I’m sitting in a jeep, bumping and twisting along the roads on the way out of Valad. I sit and listen to 4 of the women from the tailoring center chatter excitedly in Malayalam as the village disappears behind us. Where are we headed? We are off to Calicut to meet some vendors and stock up on materials. We are all excited as this marks a big day for the tailoring center as they become more […]

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THANK YOU Profugo Friends!

A huge THANK YOU is due to all who supported Profugo’s programs and development efforts in 2013!  We are grateful for all our interns, volunteers, board members, mentors, donors, and friends who supported us in ways that we could not have fathomed.  You helped us to grow where we were weak, you encouraged us when we needed that extra push, you supported us when we wanted to affect positive change in Wayanad, India.  We may […]

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Pure Water, Living Water: Water Education Program

Water is life giving. It is an amazing molecule that makes life as we know it possible. Clean water means a healthier planet and a better quality of life for us all. Working alongside the Center for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM) from Calicut, the Headmistress and staff of the Edathana School, and engineering students from both the Government Engineering College (GEC) of Wayanad and Villanova Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Profugo hosted two collaborative […]

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