How India’s Social Inequality leads to Economic Inequality

One day when I was scrolling through my social media accounts, I noticed that one of my friends shared an article by The Economist titled, “Why India needs women to work.” The article recites facts about Indian women’s’ contributions–or lack thereof, to the Indian economy, despite the fact that the Hindu goddess Laxmi is the closest thing to an economic deity in the country’s most-practiced religion. According to the article, women’s labor only contributes to […]

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Global Mental Health – a Hidden Health Crisis

According to, more than 13 million lives could be saved each year if mental health issues were properly funded (global citizen, 2018). Mental health has always been a global issue and it is not getting better. Why does mental health matter or what is the importance of having services for those in need? Research has shown that mental illness is a largely hidden health crisis and it is affecting a quarter of the global […]

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One Month In – Experiences on the Field

As I round out my first month here in India, I am starting to reflect on everything that I have and have not been able to accomplish so far. More than anything, I am eager to see the fruits of my labor in the work I am doing with Profugo, from engineering projects to English and more. One thing that has been strikingly clear from these few short weeks is that absolutely nothing ever goes […]

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Health & Wellbeing: Ayurveda

I recently revisited a cookbook a friend gifted me a couple of years ago. I wanted to make Indian food at home and practice combining & balancing spices. I didn’t realize Healthy Indian Cooking for Vitality and Wellness by Monisha Bharadwaj would be a jumping off point for me to delve into basic ayurvedic wellness practices. As Monisha states in her cookbook introduction, Ayurveda is “an ancient Indian science of holistic healing and herbal medicine […]

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Some Experiences of a Field Fellow

Visiting a Post-Landslide Community As some of you may know, between August 16 and August 30,   Kerala was hit with the worst flood the area has seen in over a hundred years. What is very unfortunate about the whole thing is that some of it was not preventable and some of it was. See, 5 meters of rain fell in just about 10 days here in Wayanad where I am. That’s over 16 feet of […]

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