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Some Experiences of a Field Fellow

Visiting a Post-Landslide Community As some of you may know, between August 16 and August 30,   Kerala was hit with the worst flood the area has seen in over a hundred years. What is very unfortunate about the whole thing is that some of it was not preventable and some of it was. See, 5 meters of rain fell in just about 10 days here in Wayanad where I am. That’s over 16 feet of […]

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Starting off with a Bang(alore)

There’s something magical about being cooped up in an airplane for 23 hours. It gives you a certain high of impending doom: O Ye mighty jet lag deity…be ever so merciful to me.  The beauty of flying Lufthansa as opposed to *ahem* American for an international flight is the constant conveyor belt of food that they give you. The constant calories certainly pacified my anxiety about the long travel times, first from Denver to Frankfurt, […]

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Diary of a Field Fellow: Ups and downs in the first few months of a fellowship abroad

It’s February 18, and so with that I have officially been in Wayanad for four months, or nearly half of my total fellowship. If I could go back to the day before I left for India and tell myself one thing, I’d probably choose to quote, of all things, MTV — specifically, that early 2000s classic “Diary”. “Diary” was a show where a featured celebrity would talk about the supposed truth of their day-to-day lives, […]

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A Global Neighborhood and a Beloved Community: Reflecting on the work and words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 15th was MLK Day this year in the United States, a federal holiday dedicated to the life and work of the American civil rights activist and pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  MLK Day has long been an important holiday for me personally, a time to reflect on service, community, and the social equity which we still struggle daily to achieve as a society. Famously, Dr. King’s philosophies of nonviolence were heavily inspired by […]

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Adventures of a Field Fellow

October 24, 2017 Today officially marks the end of my first week in Prashanthagiri, and I’m just getting my feet wet in my role as Field Fellow — both metaphorically and literally. This morning I accompanied Gilgy on a partial field visit, stopping in at 11 of the 30 participating homes to check in on the progress of their provided seedlings and other produce plants for the Organic Kitchen Garden (OKG) initiative. The field visit […]

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