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The Story of the Bag (from the perspective of the bag)

Hello!  I take great pride in being one of Profugo’s breathtaking bags!  This creation story is very unique and extremely special.  Read on to learn about how I was created and all the amazing steps that went into making me. My journey first began as fabric, purchased from a small-scale fabric maker.  They have been dying fabrics, like me, in their families/villages for many generations! I’m a fabric from Andhra Pradesh (Kalamkari) known for creating […]

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Who’s Who in Profugo?

The year is 2008. Jenny and Ashwin Koleth, along with friends, have spent countless hours on the ground and in the office preparing to launch their non-profit. They have seen the devastating effects of powerlessness in many places around the world, and they have decided to spark change. They are hopeful that all the work they have done will pay off, improving the lives of community members in southwestern India. Just a year after they […]

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Update from Profugo HQ!

During November 2017, I was able to visit Profugo’s Center of Development and touch base with our expanded field team and reconnect with community members.  During 2017 we welcomed Dr. TD Peter, Profugo’s new COD Director, Mr. Abhilash Thomas, Program Coordinator, Mr. Binish PJ, Admin & Accounts Officer, and Ms. Angele Maraj, Profugo’s latest Field Fellow.  On the US side, we welcomed Mr. Jeffrey Conradi to the Board of Directors.  IT’S A FULL HOUSE!  We […]

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Breaking Down Boundaries: the Practice & Significance of Field Work

“Talk is nothing without walking the walk.” These are the words of one of Profugo’s past field fellows, said in a documentary on the organization as the camera pans out on the field fellow and a child in the village, walking hand in hand into the distance. The documentary ends there, and viewers are left feeling emotional but also inspired by the fellow’s words. What do these words mean not only for the people of […]

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Empowering Women to Take Control of Health and Well-being

Health is defined by the WHO as, “a complete state of physical, social, mental and emotional well-being.” Being healthy is many aspects in one. But many think of one aspect over the other. For many women around the world, health, especially their overall well-being is overlooked, and even more so among women in rural areas in developing countries. Women are especially marginalized in societies where there is little that can be offered to them, with […]

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