Jenny Koleth with the ladies of the Tailoring Unit

During November 2017, I was able to visit Profugo’s Center of Development and touch base with our expanded field team and reconnect with community members.  During 2017 we welcomed Dr. TD Peter, Profugo’s new COD Director, Mr. Abhilash Thomas, Program Coordinator, Mr. Binish PJ, Admin & Accounts Officer, and Ms. Angele Maraj, Profugo’s latest Field Fellow.  On the US side, we welcomed Mr. Jeffrey Conradi to the Board of Directors.  IT’S A FULL HOUSE!  We will introduce our new team members in depth in upcoming months.

Several months into 2018, we’re ready for Spring and a breath of fresh air.  Fitting to the season, the Profugo HQ team is doing some spring cleaning and getting in shape for the upcoming year.  We’re in full swing with the development of several videos and other communications projects.  The Profugo Market is also getting some much-needed attention as we gear up to expand partnerships with storefronts and boutiques.  If you’ve been wowed by the lovingly handcrafted merchandise made by community ladies from Wayanad, please be on the lookout for suitable business partners!  Thank you for supporting Profugo’s work.

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