Knowing when, how, and who to donate to can be a confusing process to navigate. Profugo has put together this list of trusted organizations that support Covid relief in India. Each link goes to the organization’s main website, from which details about their efforts and donation portals can be found. Most of these organizations work all over the world while some focus on India only.


Direct Relief has been providing aid right to the heart of where it’s needed most for over 50 years. Their response to the Covid-19 crisis was swift and holistic. Efforts in India have skyrocketed in order to combat the recent rise in cases. The current total of pounds of medical supplies provided to India is 1,194,796.

Project Hope sends aid all over the world. To address the current state of India and Nepal, they are currently matching every donation made by May 31, 2021. Their efforts provide medical supplies and education around health practices and prevention.

The Association for India’s Development funds a variety of needs for the people of India including health, agriculture, education, and relief aid. Their work in battling Covid-19 has provided hospitals with technology and equipment to better serve the people of India.

Created by The Center For Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, Oxygen for India aims to provide free and abundant oxygen for medicinal use in India. They provide oxygen directly to people’s homes so that hospitals don’t become overcrowded thus ensuring that all have access to the care they need.

Path works globally to support holistic health equity. They work with other nonprofits, governments, and institutions to provide access to health and health education. Their efforts in India are focused on providing medical oxygen.


Indian Muslim Relief & Charities strives to reduce poverty in India’s Muslim and minority communities. They provide socio-economic support to orphaned children as well as relief for natural disasters, violence, and Covid-19.

Khalsa Aid provides relief to areas experiencing natural disasters and civil conflict. They focus on the humanitarian crises in vulnerable communities, notably India. Efforts are concentrated on social and medical needs presented by Covid-19.

Make a Difference (MAD) offers care and support to children and youth in India. MAD has provided shelters, food, and education for unhoused children before and during the pandemic. They also include psychological trauma relief for children affected by Covid-19 or other factors.

Care India works to relieve poverty and social inequities through a variety of health and educational programs. Their focus is on supporting women and girls due to the disproportionate effects of poverty and social casts. Their Covid-19 response includes providing temporary shelters, medical equipment, and health education.

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