I just returned from a 10 day trip to India.  The agenda for my trip was ambitious, which included forming a partnership with a new fabric vendor, checking on various projects in Wayanad, filming for an upcoming video, checking on the digging of the wells that are being implemented, seeing how renovations are coming along on the Profugo House, and the interviewing of the shortlisted candidates for the program manager position that we are looking to fill.  This trip completely exceeded my expectations.

At Srishti’s guest house where we stayed while visiting Aranya Naturals, we met Muniyandi, who is the one man staff of this facility.  He was the most gracious host.  His attention to detail and his craft in cooking was out of this world.  We labeled him the hidden gem of Munnar, which he truly is.  This man probably cares for max 10 guests per month, but he takes his job most seriously and gives 200% in effort. I was deeply touched and inspired by him.  I hope everyone gets a chance to taste his celery soup – Bobby Flay has met his match!

Another precious experience was an impromptu dancing session that erupted at the tailoring workshop.  The women had been hard at work as they knew I wanted to bring the spring inventory of merchandise back to the US.  They expressed that they were tired from their efforts and we tried to cheer them up with some music.  Before we knew it, everyone was on their feet, bopping their heads and shaking their hips!  Moments like these, I am reminded of why we at Profugo are doing what we are doing.  To see people like Muniyandi and the tailors take pride in their own craft, to share in the joy of them living a fuller life, to have something to dance about!  A global neighborhood for a better quality of life!

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  1. What a beautiful story Jenny! I am so happy for you all.

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