NimishaAfter inaugurating the Profugo Health &Wellness Program in October here in Prashanthagiri, much excitement and anticipation surrounded the November forum held on the 23rd. Over 60 community members participated in the event that was presented by Mrs. Nimisha James, B.Sc nurse, registered, and wife of Profugo Program Manager Aneesh James. It was a special day with the presence of Jenny and her children, Selah, Elia, and Enoch. After Jenny’s welcome and introduction about the expectations of the forums, Nimisha began the presentation on the program’s topic, “common cold and fever”. The session mainly focused on causes, symptoms, prevention, and home remedies. “Such programs are very much useful to the community. Cold and illness frequently occurs and people are rarely concerned about it. Often people go to the local medical shops and take unnecessary tablets. But through this program people realized they could prevent many of the diseases,” said Nimisha.

The session was interactive and participants asked many questions during the question and answer segment at the end of the program run by both Nimisha and Dr. Abraham. Community members said they were happy with the program at the end of the day and that it was extremely useful to them. Good health is a blessing and it is important to have the knowledge of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and care for our body. Our bodies are temples and we must care for them as so.

Special thanks given to all the supporters of the Hero for Health fundraiser, which allowed us to conduct this program. We also have to appreciate Colleen O’Brien and Anisha Skariya, our Health & Wellness Program Manager and Coordinator, for their hard work in developing the educational material. The forum was a resounding success and could not have been so without your help! Here in Prashanthagiri we are looking forward to the next health and wellness forum and the opportunity to use a global neighborhood as a platform for sharing knowledge that betters our communities.

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