IMAG0164 (1)The Millennial Generation is arguably one of the most socially engaged generations. Thanks to innovations in technology, these young adults have had ever-increasing access to news and information that has helped to shape their understanding of the world in which they live. Millennials are “a generation that has been shaped by tragic world events such as 9/11 and natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. The result is a group that has developed a strong social conscience amplified by technology. They believe that, as civic-minded and active participants in today’s world, it is up to them to assume the responsibility of making a lasting, positive impact on the future.” (GreenBook)

I remember watching the news and seeing stories about Oklahoma City or the Persian Gulf and being able to go online to find more information about those topics. The Internet has come a long way since the dial-up days of my youth, and now news and information is texted to us from news agencies or live-tweeted by witnesses or government officials around the world. We get up-to-the-minute information on a multitude of platforms whenever and wherever we want. Finding out about injustices or social issues around the world is easy for us to do and we like it that way.

Millennials like me also like to be engaged, not just well informed. Taking part in a protest like the Occupy movement or signing a petition for submission to a government official are just examples of the many ways Millennials get involved with social issues they are passionate about. This past year, I was working to complete a Master’s program in International Development and knew I would eventually need an internship. I found out about Profugo at a panel discussion following a screening of the film Girl Rising. An audience member asked the panel, “How can we engage with the issues this film raises?” One panel member told us about a local organization that was working to empower women and girls in India, and my ears perked up. A little research, an email sent, and next thing I knew I was meeting with Jenny, the Executive Director of Profugo. At Profugo, I’ve been proud to be part of an organization that is actively working to empower women and improve the lives of community members in India through projects that provide clean water, tailoring training, English language learning, and health education.

The best part about my position with Profugo as Relations and Outreach Manager is that I had the opportunity to look for ways to help others get involved as well. Since Profugo’s founding in 2008, many young adults have volunteered to serve in a variety of capacities for Profugo’s projects and programs. We have Field Fellows who live and work alongside our field staff in India, interns in Ardmore, Pennsylvania who plan campaigns and manage our social media channels, and volunteers who help at events. These socially engaged volunteers are essential to the success of Profugo and I’m proud to be a member of their ranks.

Want to know how you can get involved with Profugo’s work to build a global neighborhood? Check out the opportunities on our “Get Involved” page. We would love to have you join our team!

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