IMG_1707On October 16th there was a meeting to celebrate the one year anniversary of Profugo Development Initiatives (Profugo’s local entity) in Prashanthagiri. Along with the thanksgiving and appraisal of our walk together of PDI and community, we also formally inaugurated the Health Forums and Children’s Club. This meeting also coincided with the visit of our friends from Villanova University.

We had representatives from the local Panchayat (local government office), PDI President Dr. Abraham, PDI Secretary Dr. Gregory, President and members of the Executive Committee, field staff, Profugo field fellows, along with 200 members of the community, taking part in the celebration.

The meeting was presented with the abstract report of activities of Profugo by President of PDI such as the Water for Life Project, the tailoring school, and Spoken English classes for the community. President Dr. Abraham praised and congratulated the community for the good work and progress we have made together to further the betterment of the life in the area.

IMG_1727He highlighted the aim of the health forums as a joint effort of Profugo and the community to be an ongoing process aimed at preventing diseases and promoting holistic health for its members, managed by the members themselves. The children’s club is aimed at nurturing the children of the area for an all round development and to make the participants responsible citizens who will love and care for their neighbors.

Mrs. Chinnamma Jose, the District Panchayat member, welcomed the initiatives of Profugo in the care of community and children especially for the cause of women.  The principle of making our neighborhood a better place is a great idea and she hopes it will bear many fruits. She wishes much success to achieve the aims of the health forums and Children’s Club, to have a disease free, responsible community.

IMG_1756Mrs. Elsie Joy, the Health and Education standing committee member, said loving and caring for the neighbor as Jesus taught us is well appreciated. May the efforts of Profugo be a shining lamp of the area.  She agrees that the forums and Children’s Club will be great for the promotion of the well being of the community. Mr. Jose, the ward member of the Panchayat, echoed his appreciation for the activities of Profugo. He wishes great success for the new ventures initiated today.

There were tea and snacks at the close and all were charged to go forward. Heavy rain blessed the meeting but never dampened the spirit of the participants including the Villanova team. They were found busy recording the whole event.

Children of the community presented dance and fashion parade activities. The dance was a bridal dance of Muslims and the fashion parade showed various costumes of different persons of the area from tribal to modern girl.  The program was very entertaining as well as informative.

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