Hello Friends,

After a seemingly unending summer of monsoon rains, the sun has finally come out!  This is a big sigh of relief for many in the community in Wayanad, India, including our field staff.  Everyone is assessing the damage created by the rains, cleaning up, and making plans for the next agricultural cycle.  It’s a season, much like the spring in the US that brings an aura of hope and newness.  Our field team has grown by one field fellow, Tyler Casteel.  He is a welcomed addition to our field team and already being embraced by and embracing the local community.  We are liking his attitude!

It’s fitting that at Profugo’s main office in Ardmore, PA, we’re experiencing our own spring with a new team of interns.  They hail from universities such as Eastern, West Chester, and St. Joe’s.  They are already making indelible contributions to our programs and organization.  Ack, how could we accomplish what we do without committed volunteers such as they?  Profugo is truly grateful for all and each of our volunteer team members.

As we look forward, we are excited to collaborate with documentary professor Hezekiah Lewis at Villanova University and others in the communications department there.  They will be bringing a class of students to our field site in India this fall.  They will be developing a documentary to bring the story of our community to a larger audience.  We are also collaborating with Engineers without Borders at Villanova to develop innovations to address natural resource management issues.  Please stay tuned for updates regarding these and other programs.  A global neighborhood for a better quality of life!

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